Gynamed Sakurai Vaginal Speculum       


Vaginal Speculum

Graves Vaginal Speculum

Pederson Vaginal Speculum

Collin Vaginal Speculum

Semm Vaginal Speculum
Cusco Side Vaginal Speculum
Cusco Center Vaginal Speculum
Trelat Vaginal Speculum
Sakurai Vaginal Speculum
Cusco Japanese Speculum
Devilbiss Vaginal Speculum
Devilbiss Vaginal Speculum

Uterine Sounds

Sims uterine sound, rigid
Sims uterine sound, malleable
Martin uterine sound
Valix uterine sound
Collin uterine sound
Ramathibodi IUD hook

Biopsy Forceps

Schubert biopsy forceps
Thomas gaylor biopsy forceps
Tischler Morgan biopsy forceps
Kevorkian biopsy forceps
Townsend biopsy forceps

Biopsy Curettes

Randal biopsy curettes
Novak biopsy curettes
Sims biopsy curettes
J.O.M.W type biopsy curettes

Uterine Cannula

Leech Wilkinson cannula
Spackmann cannula




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